How to Submit a Motion

Submitting motions will be an integral way for members to influence Labour Party drug policy.

Members may choose to submit motions that call for a broader shift in Labour’s approach to drugs or a call for the Party to support specific drug policies.

There are 3 ways you can submit a motion to your Constituency Labour Party (CLP):

  • If your CLP has meetings with all members (i.e. without delegates), you can submit your motion directly to your CLP secretary.

  • If your CLP has a General Committee and meets in wards/branches, you will normally need to submit your motion through your ward/branch secretary.

  • Affiliated unions and socialist societies can submit motions to CLPs directly – please check with your trade union or society.

If your motion is passed by your CLP, the National Executive Committee will then decide if it should be voted on at the annual Labour Party Conference. The more motions the National Executive Committee receives, the more likely it is that drug policy will have a place on the Conference agenda.

If you have submitted a motion to your Constituency Labour Party and would like it be considered by the Expert Working Group, please download the Motion Submission Form and upload it below.